A promising sign

Last week we learned that a House Appropriations sub-committee is proposing a $5 million increase for the National Endowment for the Humanities in fiscal year 2019. We’re early in the budget process, but this is a very promising start. 

I wrote to you in March with the wonderful news that, after months of fighting to keep the National Endowment for the Humanities off the chopping block, federal legislators surprised us by voting for a budget increase in the current fiscal year!  They were bombarded with stories from humanities advocates like you, talking about wonderful humanities projects – projects that get people of all ages learning and talking about everything from the civil war to Shakespeare, from pressing problems like sex trafficking to the environment.

Most recently, we’ve been having critical conversations about the news media and citizens’ need for information we can trust. Our Beyond the Headlines project kicked off last month and the response has been heartening. In Wausau, the conversation is among journalists, law enforcement, and community members. As one audience member said after the kickoff, “A part of building trust is to meet the people behind and within the stories.” There are more Beyond the Headlines events to come, in Wausau and around the state.

Connecting and learning from each other is the work we do, with your help. So keep sharing your passion for the Wisconsin Humanities Council and your stories about what the humanities have done to make your life and your community richer.  And visit our website to learn more about all that is happening in the coming months!





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Jobs, economics, education, technology…questions about the future of work in Wisconsin are in the news and on our minds. We have a catalog of presenters who will come be part of your community conversation. And the best part: It’s FREE!

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