Wisconsin Women Making History

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Introducing, a new website celebrating Wisconsin’s history makers!

Years of research and teamwork have paid off: students, educators, and all of us now have an online resource for Wisconsin Women’s History. The site highlights the stories and accomplishments of the remarkable women who have contributed to Wisconsin history.

Women like Vel Phillips, Dickey Chapelle, Betsy Thunder, and Gerda Lerner, these women who have stepped into leadership roles will all be profiled together in one resource. Some of the names are more known, like Belle LaFollette, while others have very fewer primary sources from which to create a full portrait. But for all these women, the goal is to collect what is known about them and make it easier for young people to learn, and educators to share, our state’s rich history.


Wisconsin Women Making History is partnership of the Wisconsin Humanities Council, Wisconsin Historical Society, the Women’s Studies Consortium of the UW System, the Gender and Women’s Studies Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Wisconsin Media Lab, and Wisconsin Public Television.