The Working Lives Project is catalyzing and enriching discussion about work across Wisconsin. Through public events, radio programs, exhibits, and online resources, the project promotes reflection and action about what work means for each of us, and for all of us together.

“If you’ve never paid for your groceries with state coupons and a state food-card, it can feel: embarrassing, sad, guilt-ridden, surreal – a whole suite of desperate emotions.”

-Nick Butler, “In the Breakroom

Let’s Talk About Work

ShopTalk includes more than 40 presentations about work. The program is free to host. Click here to start browsing and apply to bring ShopTalk to your community.


The humanities inform the conversation about what work is, was, and might be. Sparking a conversation on working life in Wisconsin. Read the article by WHC Executive Director Dena Wortzel here.


David Maraniss

“…to look beyond the conventional wisdom and the oft-repeated stories to try to find the reality behind the myth. That, I believe, is the work of a journalist.”

“What more noble work can there be than the manufacture of empathy.”

Mike Perry

“The moral qualities are more apt to grow when a human being is useful, and they increase in the woman who helps to support the family rather than in the one who gives herself to idleness and fashionable frivolities.”

-Elizabeth Cady Stanton