Statewide Impact

The WHC makes a difference in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Humanities Council receives about 90 percent of its funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Thanks to those funds, we support the creative work of schools, libraries, museums, churches, historical societies, colleges and civic groups that strengthen communities big and small, rural and urban, in every region of Wisconsin. Here are some examples of projects we have funded!

The President’s budget for FY2018 called for shutting down the NEH.  People in Wisconsin and around the nation rallied to #SavetheNEH. Congress listened. In fact, the NEH received a $3 million increase in the current fiscal year.  So for the next few months, we’re in good shape.

Now we’re looking at the President’s budget for the coming fiscal year, FY2019.  It is again calling for an end to the NEH and all its programs — including funding for the all the state humanities councils.

Wisconsin’s Senators and Representatives need to hear from you about FY2019! What happens to the NEH, and the Wisconsin Humanities Council, is in the hands of our representatives in Congress. 

What does the WHC do in my district?

You are welcome to use these facts and examples to explain your support for the WHC’s work to your legislators:

If NEH funding is lost, with it go all of our matching grants to community organizations.  All of Wisconsin will lose outstanding educational programs inspired by the needs and interests of people in every corner of the state – programs that help us explore our past, understand the present, and imagine the future.  Programs that nourish us in our lives, and feed the nation’s soul.

If you are reading this, your life has been changed by the humanities.  You can help make sure that the humanities are available to everyone in Wisconsin.  Here’s how: 

  • Please visit, callemail and write your senators and house representative and encourage them to continue supporting the essential, ongoing cultural work of the Wisconsin Humanities Council. Visiting and calling are best, but emails and letters are great, too. Use these tools for emailing and writing in support of the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • Describe how a program you attended was enlightening, educational or inspiring to your community.
  • Thank elected officials for the funding that made the program possible. 
  • Urge elected officials to make the humanities a cornerstone of public life by continuing to support funding for the NEH.
  • Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #SavetheNEH and share why the humanities matter to you. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. And add the #SavetheNEH banner to your Facebook profile picture here!


Find your Representatives

Wisconsin has two Senators:


Wisconsin has 8 Congressional District Seats in the House of Representatives: 

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If you need additional information, or if you would like to talk about a contact that you made, please email our executive director, Dena Wortzel, or call (608) 265-5593.