Statewide Impact

The WHC makes a difference in WisconsinMap of WHC events

The Wisconsin Humanities Council receives about 90 percent of its funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Thanks to those funds, we support the creative work of schools, libraries, museums, churches, historical societies, colleges and civic groups that strengthen communities big and small, rural and urban, in every region of Wisconsin. Here are some examples of projects we have funded!

Wisconsin’s Senators and Representatives like to hear from you. Remember, what happens to the NEH, and the Wisconsin Humanities Council, is in the hands of our members in Congress. 

What does the WHC do in my district?

Sharing our stories about the impact of WHC projects is really important! Get in touch with your Representatives anytime (you can find their contact information from this page). You are welcome to use these facts and examples to explain your support for the WHC’s work to your legislators: