Tenants of shared digital space

We believe that exploring the rich histories and diverse cultures that together inform our ideas about the past and shape the future of our communities brings joy and gives our lives meaning. 

We take our responsibility to model curiosity, integrity, and respect in the digital world seriously. The intention of our use of social media is to share ideas, news, and opportunities that represent our commitment to the people of Wisconsin and the values of the humanities. We believe that social media offers each of us ways to learn, listen, share, and ‘meet’ each other. We reserve the right to remove comments if they interfere with these intentions.

Tenants of shared digital space:

  • We share from our own personal experiences in order to learn as a group.
  • We listen generously and respectfully.
  • We open our minds to other points of view.
  • Comments or posts should be relevant to the discussion and not politically divisive in nature