We’re chatting about work. Around the water cooler, during a smoke break, over a beer at happy hour. We asked a handful of Wisconsin personalities the following questions. Their responses have been published as part of a series on Humanities Booyah! 


  • Describe your first job and what you remember most about it.
  • Tell us about a moment that influenced your work history.
  • What do you do on a regular day?
  • What does the future of your work look like?
  • When you think about making a living and making a life, what comes to mind?

The responses are interesting, every one of them. This is the real stuff of our lives. It is what The Working Lives Project is all about.


Michelle WildgenNickolas ButlerPenelope Trunk-mudbath-blogsizeJessie at Superbowl trailerBrad Lichtensteins workspace
In the Breakroom with novelist and editor Michelle WildgenIn the Breakroom with novelist Nickolas ButlerIn the Breakroom with entrepreneur and blogger Penelope TrunkIn the Breakroom with journalist and sportscaster Jessie GarciaIn the Breakroom with filmmaker Brad Lichtenstein


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