June 16, 2018

"Taking Back Neighborhoods:" Conversations around Place in Milwaukee-Jane’s Walk 2, Peacemaking at Tiefenthaler Park

The neighborhood surrounding Tiefenthaler Park is home to a diverse community of long time residents and new homeowners, families that have deep roots in the area as well as recent transplants. While the neighborhood is a beautiful mingling of different cultures, many of the residents are isolated from each other due to safety issues in one of the highest crime areas of the city. The event goal is to create opportunities for neighbors to safely come together in a central location to have fun, be creative, stand in solidarity for peace, share their desires for the future of the park, and co-lead the activation of a safe, peaceful and vibrant park. Organized in collaboration with the League of Creative Interventionists.

Tiefenthaler Park
2480 W Cherry St
Milwaukee WI, 53205-1811

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Event Contact:
Arijit Sen
(414) 229-4014
[javascript protected email address]

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