October 12, 2018 - February 10, 2019

Blacklist: Hollywood's Red Scare Exhibition

The freedoms of speech and assembly are central to the idea of American democracy, but what happens when the rights associated with these freedoms are impacted? How did and does the American public, government, and industry respond to these encroachments. The exhibit will highlight the effects of this intersection of art, politics, and economics and its impact on individuals and the country more broadly. The people regarded as “Un-American” were disproportionately from minority backgrounds—Jewish, immigrants, gays, and African American. One person’s subversion is another’s biting commentary on the American experience. This exhibit will explore the factors which led to the Hollywood Blacklist, a time in which these first amendment freedoms and what it meant to be patriotic became central in a cultural battle, one that Americans continue to replay with new and different issues.

Jewish Museum Milwaukee
1360 N Prospect Ave
Milwaukee WI, 53202-3056

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Event Contact:
Cassie Sacotte
(414) 390-5757
[javascript protected email address]

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