May 16, 2019

Prof. Janet Gilmore on Fishing Culture, the Wisconsin Fish Fry, and a scene from the new comedy, "Fish Fry"

UW-Madison professor Dr. Janet Gilmore, who studies fishing communities, fishing, and even fish fries, served as a consultant on a new TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater production Fish Fry -- Comedy, Opera & a Secret Recipe. She shares her insights and facilitates a group discussion about the Wisconsin fish fry tradition. The fish fry may not have been invented in Wisconsin, but this is where we turned it into an art form. TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater and Fresco Opera Theatre join forces to celebrate this beloved tradition. In this production, Sal, the long-time proprietor of the nearly legendary Sal’s Place, home of the best fish fry on Lake Cattywompus, plans to join the professional pickleball circuit and needs someone to manage things in her absence. She announces a challenge – the person who successfully completes all three tasks will get Sal’s secret recipe and the restaurant. As three contestants vie for the top spot, and two eccentric tourists hunt the lake’s fabled Giant Muskie, there’s lots of action, intrigue, and unexpected romance. Ultimately, all candidates get their just desserts, ensuring a future full of good fun and good flavors. Fish Fry plays with the conventions of opera, such as people, or in this case, fish, singing a long time before their deaths. It features arias from famous operas like Carmen and The Magic Flute, but with new lyrics.

Waunakee Public Library
710 South St
Waunakee WI, 53597-1638

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