November 15, 2019

And So We Walked TOGETHER-Historical Research and Writing for Stage and Screen

And So We Walked: An Artist’s Journey Along the Trail of Tears is a frank, funny and sometimes misguided story of a contemporary Cherokee woman who goes on a six-week, 900-mile journey with her father along the Trail of Tears in search of her heroic self. The journey retraces the path from North Carolina to Oklahoma that her great-great grandparents took in the 1830s during the forced relocation of 17,000 Cherokee from their homelands, during which as many as 6,000 perished along the way. Through this personal odyssey, her sense of identity – both as a Cherokee and as a woman – is tested by the people and places she encounters. This multi-faceted dramatic memoir draws on extraordinary interviews, historical research, and the artist’s personal experiences to convey the complexities and conflicts with which the Cherokee wrestle. The public events, which will include actor/playwright DeLanna Studi and several Wisconsin-based humanities experts, will provide broader historical and cultural context and extend audience members' own learning about Wisconsin history, collective and personal identity, while building their knowledge and skills for creating public humanities projects exploring these concepts in their own families and communities.

Oneida Nation Community Education Center
2632 Packerland Dr
Green Bay WI, 54313-6145

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