February 22, 2020

Workshops inspired by the play GRETL!-for Family Audiences

First Stage's second Foundry Stage Series production combines a play and workshops surrounding the new musical theater production and regional premiere of GRETL!, that reinterprets and combines the folk tales of Vasilisa the Beautiful and Hansel and Gretel -- telling the tale of how one young girl overcomes life's obstacles with courage, perseverance, determination, and kindness. First Stage will facilitate nine workshops for audiences of all ages that reflect on the story of GRETEL! and explore the play's themes of folk tales and the power of emotions. Workshop participants will engage in focused dramatic scene work and expression and group discussion.

Milwaukee Youth Arts Center
325 W Walnut St
Milwaukee WI, 53212-3868

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Due to COVID-19 the WHC is unable at this time to confirm the accuracy of any calendar information.  Many of the events listed here are likely to have been cancelled.

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