Connection and Understanding

From the Director Dena Wortzel

Human connection and human understanding. That’s a pretty good distillation of everything that the WHC strives for. Now a health emergency is forcing the people of Wisconsin to keep our distance from one another, making it harder for each of us to nurture our connections. At the same time, the speed with which news about the virus just keeps coming is challenging our understanding.

All of us as the WHC are committed to supporting your connection with us and with one another while acting in the interest of public health and safety. Last week, that meant asking our partners and grantees who host events in their venues to follow Wisconsin Department of Health Services guidance to determine what programs should be rescheduled or cancelled. We will do the same for Beyond the Headlines: Wisconsin’s Water Future workshops scheduled for April and May. We will post updates on our website and Facebook as we make further decisions.

This week I’m starting conversations — with my staff and council members, and the larger community of which you, too, are a part — about how the WHC can foster a sense of human connection and bring some light to all our lives in this very challenging time.

We don’t know what next week will bring, but being forever connected to a large community of thoughtful, caring Wisconsinites despite “social distancing” lifts me up.

And to end, a little bit of good news! We made a mistake in our last E-Newsletter, which announced the grant awards we recently gave out. In fact, the we made awards totaling $86,894 (not $77,500, as previously announced). So again, thank you to all the good people and organizations around the state making strong connections and deepening understanding. You are what will brighten the future for all the people of Wisconsin.







P.S. Stay tuned! We’ll be in touch over the coming weeks, but don’t hesitate to contact me via email anytime. And rest assured, all administrative processes related to grants are continuing normally.

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