Current Programs

Beyond the Headlines 

Our problems have solutions. Can we find the knowledge that we need – and that we trust – to solve them? Beyond the Headlines invites citizens and journalists to talk face-to-face in five cities around Wisconsin. Events are focused on sharing knowledge and confronting urgent local issues.

Immigration in Wisconsin

Immigration to Wisconsin is not new. But the issues are complicated. Current concerns can make them hard to fully comprehend. This series talks offers history, stories, and the law to help us think about immigration today.

Historic photo of radio host talking into a mic.

Wisconsin Life

Sample the color, humor, and personality of our state. These radio shorts are produced and broadcast statewide by Wisconsin Public Radio in partnership with the WHC. They are thought-provoking, often surprising, and rich with the diversity of life in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate is an ambassador for creativity and writing. In Wisconsin, the Poet Laureate travels the state to share the vitality and importance of poetry with people of all ages. We are proud to be a founding member of the Poet Laureate Commission and to help make the program possible.