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"We hope this film provides the public and policymakers with insights into the effects of immigration policies and economic forces on immigrants and citizens, including employers."

Los Lecheros - Immigrants in Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry - Host a Short Documentary with Facilitated Discussion

presented by The Wisconsin Humanities Council

The fate of undocumented immigrant workers and Wisconsin's $43 billion dairy industry are closely intertwined. On Wisconsin dairy farms today immigrants make up a majority of the workforce. Many farmers say that deporting workers would harm the industry.

At a time when the status of undocumented workers in the U.S. is the focus of frequently emotional and sometimes inaccurate debate, and when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests in Wisconsin in 2018 made more residents see immigration as an issue that affects their lives, "Los Lecheros" offers an accurate, personal Wisconsin story that reveals some of the challenges of immigration. The documentary, produced by The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and Twelve Letter Films, explores the tensions over immigration that have risen since 2016 and chronicles their impact on the livelihood and lives of undocumented dairy workers and dairy farmers in Wisconsin.

Watch the trailer of “Los Lecheros” here: https://vimeo.com/237802645


The Wisconsin Humanities Council

Please contact Carmelo Dávila (Director of the Working Lives Project) at carmelo.davila@wisconsinhumanities.org to request a booking of “Los Lecheros.” The WHC will send a qualified facilitator to lead the discussion, all at no cost to your organization. Please be aware that you are responsible for providing a venue for the event and the screening equipment (a laptop, a projector, a projection screen, speakers, seats, etc.), and for promoting the event locally.


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