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Melting Pot or Pot Luck? Immigrants in the U.S.

presented by Laurie S. Z. Greenberg

For most of the 20th Century, the United States was described as a cultural melting pot. Immigrants were assumed to arrive, assimilate, and gradually melt into American society. Today we talk about immigrants, and immigration, in different terms. These terms acknowledge the ways in which immigrants engage in work life and the economy, as well as social and educational systems. This ‘integration’ changes both the immigrants themselves, as well as the community they find themselves in. We might call this a potluck, where a diversity of languages, cuisines, surnames, religions, and partners coexist and form a community ‘meal.’ Each of us has our own stories. What have you observed, or experienced? Laurie will share some of her stories and research to facilitate a conversation about immigration and integration in Wisconsin, and how it affects you and your community.


Laurie S. Z. Greenberg

Laurie Greenberg has a PhD in cultural geography from UW-Madison and has worked and lived both in the US and in Mexico. Today she lives in Madison, Wisconsin and works as a freelance researcher and writer. She has extensive experience working with immigrants and conducting educational programs for diverse groups in the U.S. and in 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries.


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