The Working Lives Project is catalyzing and enriching discussion about work across Wisconsin. Through public events, radio programs, exhibits, and online resources, the project promotes reflection and action about what work means for each of us, and for all of us together.


Choose from more than 40 presenters!  Conversations inspired by personal stories and valuable perspectives on what work is like today, in the past, and going forward. It is free to any community organization to host!

Work takes the stage

Personal stories

Working from home. Is it a luxury? A burden? A necessity?  In one of our most popular blog posts ever, Sue in Menomonee Falls shared her story about changes in a job she held for decades. Working from home is not what she thought it would be like…



Watch it on Book TV!

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Amy Goldstein spent years tracking the story of the closing of the General Motors plant in Janesville. She joined us at the Wisconsin Book Festival on November 4th.

“What more noble work can there be than the manufacture of empathy.”

Mike Perry

“The moral qualities are more apt to grow when a human being is useful, and they increase in the woman who helps to support the family rather than in the one who gives herself to idleness and fashionable frivolities.”

-Elizabeth Cady Stanton