Women's Working Lives

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Women face unique obstacles in their lives and careers. These ShopTalk presenters share personal perspectives and inspiring stories that will jumpstart conversations in your community about facing stereotypes, breaking molds and what work looks and feels like for women today.

An Unconventional Career Path

presented by Kathleen Gallagher

A Green Bay native, Kathleen initially didn't set out to work at a major metropolitan newspaper. She got a journalism degree from UW-Madison, but rather than starting on a more conventional path at a small-town newspaper...

Motherhood is a role involving sacrifice, strategic thinking, and high ideals about the mother-child relationship and women’s responsibilities in those relationships. Throughout this country’s history, mothers have been at the center...

Just three years after graduating with a degree in multimedia journalism, Alison Sherwood won a Pulitzer Prize for her part in a story for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Her videos and interactive...

From the hit CBS Sitcom How I Met Your Mother to the romantic comedy While We’re Young to widely popular Christmas movies that air on the Hallmark Channel every holiday season, being a childless woman who values work and career is a temporary state.

Human Trafficking in Wisconsin

presented by Rachel Monaco-Wilcox

Cases of human trafficking have been identified in all 72 counties in Wisconsin. Yet most people doubt this, thinking “that can’t be happening here!” If we are in a state of denial...

Kisa is embarking on a second career. After working for years as a Marketing Manager, she had what she describes as a ‘paradigm shift.’ Specifically...

It is no secret that the beer industry has been dominated by men for most of its history. However, the sudsy ceiling is slowly but surely being raised by a growing group...

Women’s Work during Prohibition

presented by Alison Staudinger

Prohibition was a nationwide constitutional ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcoholic beverages, mandated under the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Some women were outspoken proponents of Prohibition...

Workplace Equity for Mothers

presented by Jodi Vandenberg-Daves

Ideal workers, like ideal mothers, are expected to be very available and highly attentive. Modern pressures to show commitment though regular and sometimes non-stop availability put special pressure on those with...

More Themes

The Art of Workmanship – How are people today merging modern careers with their desire for meaningful work? The makers, doers, and workers in your community will appreciate the ShopTalk perspectives of woodworkers, firefighters, photographers, educators and others who have insight into handmade lives.

Informed Communities – There’s more to the past, present, and future of work than the day’s news headlines. ShopTalk’s historians and experienced professionals bring their insight to discussion of the ‘new’ economy, healthy workplaces, the labor movement, and more.