Tell Us How It Went

After it has all been said and done, we want to know how things worked. This important feedback will help us make improvements, and help keep these programs FREE.

Collecting useful information takes a bit of planning.

Before your event, download and make copies of the Audience Evaluation Form provided here.  Distribute it at your event and let the audience know that both you and the WHC value their responses. 

After the event, you may either mail the Audience Evaluation Forms to us at Wisconsin Humanities Council, 3801 Regent St., Madison, WI 53705 or scan all of the forms into a document and email it to us along with our Host Evaluation.

As soon as possible after your event, fill out the Host Evaluation Form provided here. Your response will help us do a better job of helping you bring valuable programming to your community.

Evaluation Forms are due within three weeks of your event, send to

Thank you!

Host Organizations

Evaluation Form for Hosts to fill out.

Audience Evaluation Form to be printed and made available at ShopTalk events.


Honorarium Request Form 

TER Form (This Excel document will download and is required for Travel Expense Reimbursement for all UW employees)

Evaluation Form for ShopTalk presenters to fill out after events.