Promote Your Event

TIP: Check out our downloadable resources! While bringing people in the door, your promotion efforts will also increase public awareness of your organization and add to the conversation about work in Wisconsin. 

Things to keep in mind:

Remember your audience.

Are there groups of people who will have an interest in this topic? How do members of this group receive information? In-person announcements to community groups are a great way to promote your event.

Consider your timeline.

Make a list of media outlets and others who you want to receive your event announcement. Promotional materials should be delivered a minimum of one to two weeks ahead of your event.  Creating your news release, poster, and social media message is easy when you use the templates and tips provided here.   

What’s your message?

Consider why the topic of your event is important to your community.  Use that “hook” in your press release, newsletter, on social media, and when you promote the event in person to local partners.

Your event is newsworthy.

Follow up with your local newspapers, radio and TV media before the event to answer questions and encourage them to cover it.

Make good use of social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and other social media tools are often effective ways to connect with your audience in addition to your website and blog.  Don’t forget to use our Social Media for ShopTalk tips and sample posts!

Downloadable Resources

Tips for working with media outlets to successfully Promote Your Events 

Tips for how to use Social Media, including Facebook posts and Twitter tweets

A Press Release Template – use this Word doc and fill in your event details

Sample Press Release – take a look at this example to help you craft your PR

WHC Working Lives Logo – please use this as part of all your publicity

Event Intro & Talking Points – use this to introduce your ShopTalk presenter

Sample Poster – just fill in your event details and add the presenter’s photo (found on the webpage describing the selected ShopTalk)