If you found your way here, chances are you’re a reader.   It’s probably hard to imagine your life without reading.

Motheread/Fatheread helps parents who don’t have that pleasure.  Parents who struggle with literacy.  The core of Motheread/Fatheread is a training program for literacy instructors.  The training program and Motheread/Fatheread curriculum prepare instructors to help their adult students improve their literacy and parenting skills at the same time.

Motheread/Fatheread’s curriculum uses children’s literature to shape experiences families can share.  Parents are motivated to attend Motheread/Fatheread literacy classes when they see that reading with their kids is a way to help their children learn and to strengthen family bonds.

The WHC is proud to have coordinated  eight Motheread/Fatheread trainings between 2001-2007.  This training was provided through a partnership with Motheread Inc of North Carolina. More than 150 teachers, librarians, and other literacy educators were trained.  Fathers serving terms at Oak Hill Correctional Institution near Oregon, WI were part of a Fatheread course taught by Dena Wortzel, WHC staff member, and Shawn Brommer, a Wisconsin librarian.

The WHC no longer organizes trainings. If you are interested in training, please contact Motheread Inc.