Working Lives Project

Work is a defining feature of life.Because work is central to the human experience and because pressing questions about the future of our jobs, technology, and economics have been in the news and on people’s minds, the WHC responded with a series of programs.From 2014 through 2019, the Working Lives Project offered many entry points into a conversation about how people make a living and make a life.

More than 25 presenters traveled to communities around the state to share personal perspectives and inspiring stories. Lively and timely conversations were free to host and covered a range of topics, including about what work looks and feels like for women today, the history and stories of immigration to our state, the ‘new’ economy, healthy workplaces, the labor movement, and more.
Grants for Working Lives-themed Public Humanities Projects
Work is a word, an idea, and an experience that has meaning for all of us. Fourteen projects exploring the different ways we make a living and make a life received grants as part of the Working Lives Project.
Wisconsin Life Radio Essays
A collection of original stories about people who live and work in Wisconsin ran on our partner program, Wisconsin Life, on Wisconsin Public Radio. The audio essays found here correspond with those stories and provide additional insight into the working lives of an arborist, trapper, migrant dairy farm worker, professional angler, guitar maker, and more.
“In the Breakroom” Interviews
We asked a handful of Wisconsin personalities some questions about their first jobs, how they see the future of their particular line of work, and how they find work-life balance. The answers were fun and interesting!
Working Warriors: Military Life Beyond Combat
A new traveling exhibition was produced by the Wisconsin Veterans Museum as part of the Working Lives initiative. It was rich with photos and information to show some aspects of everyday life, and work, of non-combatant military professionals throughout history.