Emerging Refugee Crisis: How Will Wisconsinites Respond?

Thanks for your interest in creating space for the important and complicated conversations we need to have about immigration in Wisconsin.

Khalil “Haji” Dokhanchi graduated with a PhD in Political Science from the State University of New York.  He has taught Political Science at UW-Superior since 1992 where he developed study abroad programs in Bosnia and Northern Ireland and pursued research on reconciliation, refugees and education in post-conflict societies.  For the past 20 years, his students have shared their learning with the community at educational events including a “Landmine Awareness Exhibit” and a “Refugee for 30 Minutes Exhibit.”


The number of people fleeing poverty, conflict, and persecution around the world is creating an unprecedented number of global migrants and refugees. In the United States, and here in Wisconsin, we are facing growing pressure to accommodate them.  Many Americans are asking, “Why do they want to come here?  Will our communities be harmed?  Who will pay the price for integration and services?”  Answers to these questions have legal, economic, political and ethical implications.  In this interactive presentation, Dokhanchi will discuss recent migration patterns, how they have shaped the current refugee crisis in Europe, and what can be learned from the example of asylum seekers in Germany.  He will talk about the meanings of ‘displaced person,’ ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant,’ and open a dialogue with participants to consider the refugee crisis from many angles.


An exhibit portraying the refugee experience designed by Professor Dokhanchi is available for display upon request.

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