Sharing Our Stories: Past, Present & Future

Study the Past

People have worked for thousands of years to make lives in Wisconsin. The legacy of their efforts profoundly shapes Wisconsin today.

Read stories of our rich history. How did the people who came before us work to build a home here, drawing on their culture, beliefs, and skills while adapting to this special place?

Living in the Present

The recession challenged people in Wisconsin and across the nation. As the recovery continues, so does the discussion about work, education, what makes a good life, and how to create strong communities, as well as a strong state and nation.

Read stories that explore the meaning and experience of work today, and the challenges and opportunities that we face.

Consider the Future

Globalization, technology, the aging of the work force… so much is changing, affecting what work will look like in the future.

Read stories that reflect on the future of work. What choices and opportunities will young people have? What do we value?

Stories That
Study the Past

Lavinia Goodell: Dedicated to Public Service

Recipe for Community: The People Who Make the Food 




Stories That
Live in the Present

In the Breakroom Interviews with Wisconsin Workers

Vital Skills: Learning a Trade and Crafting a Life

The Working River: A Natural Resource

Stories That
Consider the Future

What Survives: Hedwig Strnad’s Dresses

An Odyssey: Charting a Brighter Future through Humanities Education

Back-to-the-Land: A Vision of the Future