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April 26, 2019 in Madison
Uprooted: Plants in a Changing Climate exhibition Event Details »

April 27, 2019 in Madison
Uprooted: Plants in a Changing Climate - Art Bites (registration required) Event Details »

April 29, 2019 in Madison
Lands We Share: Traveling Exhibit Event Details »

May 3, 2019 in Madison
Uprooted: Plants in a Changing Climate - Gallery Night Event Details »

May 6, 2019 in Madison
Immigrants in Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry - Documentary screening with facilitated discussion Event Details »

Free talks about what it takes to become a citizen, the emerging refugee crisis, global migration, and immigrants in Wisconsin's dairy industry and more.

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Immigration to Wisconsin is not new. But the issues are complicated. Current concerns can make them hard to fully comprehend.

Our ShopTalk series offers history, stories, and the law to help us think about immigration today.

Announcing $109,587 in grant awards this spring!

  We are so incredibly proud of the way our grant program provides crucial funds to support homegrown efforts in communities large and small – more

From the Director: The Shutdown, Wisconsin Humanities Council, and You

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, right? Congress declared in 1965 that “Democracy demands wisdom and vision in its citizens,” then passed the bill that created the National Endowment for the Humanities.

From the Director: Taking Care of Local Treasures

Libraries are local treasures, especially in rural communities. The WHC stepped up to help small libraries devastated by floods in 2018.